21 maggio 2021. Lavoratori migranti invisibili e diritti umani visibili. Conferenza scientifica interdisciplinare alla Pontificia Università S. Tommaso d’Aquino

Vai sul sito https://angelicum.it/news/2021/01/28/conference-invisible-migrant-workers-and-call-for-papers/ e registrati per partecipare.

CONFERENCE: Invisible Migrant Workers and Call for Papers

ANNOUNCING  –  Join us on 21 May 2021 join us for an interfaculty/interdisciplinary conference, “INVISIBLE MIGRANT WORKERS AND VISIBLE HUMAN RIGHTS” – for the 2020/21 CRISIS project called Social Solidarity in Europe: Migrant Workers from Eastern Europe for Western Europe Migrant Workers.  The single day conference will take place virtually at the PONTIFICAL UNIVERSITY OF ST. THOMAS AQUINAS in ROME (FACULTY OF SOCIAL SCIENCES) in collaboration with the INSTITUTE MARIE-DOMINIQUE CHENU of BERLIN.

WHO?  –  All are invited to participate, including ALL UNIVERSITIES & SCIENTIFIC INSTITUTIONS as well as fellow ANGELICUM professors & students!   REGISTER NOW


A CALL FOR PAPERS – The results of this conference will be peer-reviewed proceedings by several scientific institutions with a final publication by Angelicum Journal in 2022.  Applicants must submit their abstract by the deadline of 31 March 2021, as indicated on the conference websitehttps://sites.google.com/pust.it/conference-invisible-workers

More information here

WHY? – Migrant workers are part of the everyday economic life of Europe. Today we find Ukrainian agricultural workers in Spain, Romanian workers in German meat factories, and Slovakian, Czech and Hungarian geriatric nurses assisting Austrian families – to name only a few. Usually these workers are “invisible.” Many of them are exploited both socially and economically. During their time of employment, they live in poverty level accommodations. Employee rights, such as hours or work breaks, have been ignored. During this time of COVID crisis these invisible migrant workers have become visible. The lines of exploitation often run between Western and Eastern Europe; but also occur between EU and non-EU states.

HOW?  – The aim of the project is to address experts from Church leaders, communities and institutions, responsible persons in European institutions and finally trade unions and employers to find solutions to this European crisis.

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Together let us build up the Body of Christ and improve the working conditions of our migrant worker brothers and sisters who do so much for the life of everyday Europe!

CONTACT: Prof. Innocenzo M.V. Szaniszló OPszaniszlo@pust.it


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